Triton II Sand Filter, Pentair (Tr-60/ 140264) No Valve

Triton II Sand Filter, Pentair (Tr-60/ 140264) No Valve, 24" Tank- 3.14 Sf  (NSF)

  • Need to order backwash valve separately
  • To order with 261173 backwash valve use 304-140264-1173
  • We recommend the 261050 Hi Flow Valve. Use 304-140264-1050
  •  For push pull valve order 263064

 We also recommend use ZeoBest for your Filter media instead of sand. You get much better filtration.

Specs:  3.14 Sf, 24" tank.  Requires  325 lbs all sand, or  75lbs of Pea gravel and 250 lbs of sand.   But if you want the best use 75lbs of Pea gravel and 125 lbs of ZeoSand (This will enable your filter to filter down to 1 micron to match or beat and D.E. Filter

The #1 sand filter in the world, Triton™ II Side Mount Filters are the result of nearly 50 years of product evolution and refinement. It has set the industry standard for effectiveness, efficiency, long runs between service, and providing years of dependable, low maintenance operation. Triton™ II Side Mount Filters feature a special internal design that keeps the sand bed level, ensuring even water flow, and resulting in the most efficient filtration possible.

Now Available with ClearPro™ Technology for 60% Cleaner Water

Triton™ II Side Mount Filterss with ClearPro™ technology, remove particles up to five times smaller than traditional sand filters…well below what your eye can detect for water that truly sparkles with clarity. The ClearPro secret is a proprietary, porous tube that water must pass through before re-entering the pool. It creates a final barrier to the very smallest particles that sand cannot trap, including the finest dust particles, algae and pollens.


* Heavy-duty closure provides easy inspection, and features an
     easy-to-read pressure gauge with air relief valve
* Swing-away diffuser allows instant access to sand and all internal parts * All internal parts are threaded for ease of service
* Internal air bleed
* Bulkhead connectors are threaded for easy installation and service
* Combination sand and water drain makes servicing and winterizing
     fast and easy
* Maximum Operating Pressure 50 psi

Triton II Sand Filter, Pentair (Tr-60/ 140264) No Valve
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  • Item #: 304-140264
  • Manufacturer: Pentair Aquatics Supplies,Inc
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 140264
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Price $521.99

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